Mercadona Torrevieja

The Mercadona Supermarket Group have many branches throughout Spain and in Torrevieja city centre the main Mercadona is located on Calle Antonio Machado, near the Friday Market and Main bus station. There is a further one in the residential area of Torreblanca on Calle Triton 2 and another in the residential area of Torretas 11 on Avenida Muguel de Unamuno 1.

All have the same opening hours from 09:00 am to 9:30 pm Monday to Saturday but usually extend the opening times during the summer months.

Excellent Variety

Most of the larger Mercadona supermarkets have ample free parking and all are air conditioned and provide wheelchair access, shopping trolleys and smaller wheeled shopping carts. Their well stocked butchery and fishmonger departments offer exceptionally fresh produce and an excellent variety meats, fish and seafood. The butchery department also has a great choice of cured ham and sausage such as the famous Serrano ham and popular varieties of Chorizo sausage. Unlike supermarkets in the United Kingdom that don’t stock offal, Mercadona has a tasty choice of tripe, brawn, chicken livers and chicken gizzards, somewhat of an acquired taste but all served fresh and well cleaned. The fish and seafood is reasonably priced and there is a large selection of shellfish such as mussels, clams, oysters and razor clams.

Less International Products

Other Mercadona departments include a bakery section, fresh fruit & vegetables, pre-packed meats, dairy, ready meals, sandwiches and pizzas, sweets, chocolates, crisps and biscuits, water and soft drinks, spirits, wine and beer, dry goods, cereals, tinned and bottled items, household goods, cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries, baby and infant products and various frozen sections such as fish, meat, vegetables, ready meals and ice cream.

Depending on the size of the supermarket some popular international brands can be hard to find. Mercadona offer their customers reward points cards and an extensive online shopping service.