Specialist Shops

Huge Variety

Throughout Torrevieja and the surrounding areas there are hundreds of shops, boutiques, supermarkets and shopping complexes offering a huge variety of products for sale, and with Torrevieja having a large number of permanent residents from all over Europe and the United Kingdom, there are a good selection of specialist shops catering to the expatriate community.

Scandinavian Shops

Although many of these shops will specialise in one certain product or hobby such as jewellery, perfume & aftershave, toys, books, model making, swimming pool products, bespoke furniture, arts & crafts, collectables, antiques and mobile phone shops, many stock a range of products from a specific country or region. Torrevieja has Scandinavian shops selling firm favourites like Gravlaks which is similar to smoked salmon but cured in salt with herbs such as dill. Fenalar is a dry cured sliced lamb delicacy and dried fish called Lutefisk is usually available, not to mention the famous Swedish meatballs. They also do a range of Scandinavian soft and alcoholic drinks as well as jams, sweets and chocolates.

British Newsagent

The good old British newsagent can be found in Torrevieja and neighbouring Orihuela Costa, and most of them sell pretty much the same must have British favourites such as Heinz baked beans, Walls sausages, HP sauce, Bisto gravy granules, cans of Guinness, Irn Bru, Magner’s cider, sweets, chocolates and of course newspapers and magazines. For a selection of UK newspapers, magazines and various food items, try Macy’s in the Playa Flamenca Commercial Centre. Iceland Supermarket can be found on the corner of Calle Apolo and Calle Salinero just outside the city centre and they are open from 09.00 – 20.00 Monday to Saturday. There are also Russian and Eastern European stores where customers can pick up the finest caviar and Russian vodka whilst catching up on news from back home.

Spanish law does not allow the sale of cigarettes and tobacco in shops and supermarkets, and aside from a few bars that have cigarette machines the only place to purchase these products are Tobacconists that can be found throughout Torrevieja. They stock a very good selection of both Spanish and International cigarettes and tobacco as well as related items such as lighters, rolling papers, filters and tobacco pouches.