Chino Stores in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is home to a thriving immigrant population, and shops and restaurants of many nationalities can be found in the city and surrounding areas. One of the most handy and popular shops in Torrevieja and indeed throughout Spain is the ”Chino” By no means a derogatory term, the word Chino can refer to both Chinese discount stores and Chinese restaurants, as for some reason many of the stores and restaurants simply are not given a fancy name such as the Green Dragon or Oriental Palace and simply go by names like Chino Euro Store or Chino Bazaar which although not very imaginative, are instantly recognised for what they are. These stores are found throughout the city and most are open Sundays.

Buy Big Sell Cheap

Chino stores in Torrevieja vary in size from simple corner shops to huge warehouse like structures that offer customers every conceivable item you can think of, sometimes including the kitchen sink!! Every time I enter one of these fascinating shops I can’t help but think what a nightmare it must be come stock taking time.

The motto for most Chino’s is to buy big and sell cheap which is perfect for holidaymakers looking for items that, at the end of their holiday they can just discard if there is no room left in their suitcase.

The staggering range of products to be found include, all sorts of holiday wear such as T-shirts, vests, slippers, shorts, skirts, sarongs, flip flops, trainers, baseball caps and Stag & Hen do novelty wear. There are countless accessories like sunglasses, reading glasses, costume jewellery, handbags, belts, wallets, combs, hair brushes, cosmetics, perfume, deodorant and aftershave. Gardening items range from a bag of fertilizer to complete table and chair sets, parasols and sun loungers. There are kitchen and household goods, stationery, tools and hardware, bathroom accessories, toys and beach items such as towels, beach balls, goggles, snorkels and flippers.