Supermarkets in Torrevieja

The range of supermarkets and supermarket products to be found in Torrevieja is vast and includes large national chains as well as a selection of international chains. Generally the products on offer in the national supermarkets are very similar and on average the prices don’t differ hugely. Whereas one supermarket’s bakery products may cost more than its rival down the street, its dairy products for instance may be cheaper, so unless you are very thrifty and choose to buy individual products from a variety of supermarkets, your average weekly or monthly shopping bill will be about the same, no matter what supermarket you choose. The same applies to the products on the shelves and it is really just a matter of knowing which supermarket stocks what.

Large Supermarket Chains

The huge Alcampo supermarket is situated in the nearby seaside area of La Zenia and is located in the impressive Zenia Boulevard. There is a staggering amount of products on offer including clothing, electronic and electrical goods, household and gardening items as well as having a selection of small independent shops and boutiques within its premises. Mercadona,Carrefour and Consum are all large national supermarket chains of a similar size. Jumerca Gama, Dialprix and Supervalu are medium size national supermarkets and then there is a wide range of small independent supermarkets, mini marts and 24 hour convenience stores.

British Supermarkets

The international chains found in Torrevieja are the popular British supermarket Iceland and the 2 German giants Lidl and Aldi. Extremely popular with British expatriates for its superb range of UK brands such as

Iceland is fairly new to Torrevieja and since it opened its doors has been satisfying the needs of its British customers for their favourite home treats. Both Lidl and Aldi mainly stock Spanish brand products but do have an ever changing selection of German brand favourites.