Consum Torrevieja

The Consum Supermarket Group have many branches throughout Spain, and in Torrevieja city centre there are 3 supermarkets of varying size.

All have the same opening hours from 09:00 am to 9:30 pm Monday to Saturday but usually extend the opening times during the summer months.

The 3 Consums in Torrevieja city are located on Calle Zoa 75, Av de las Habaneras and Av Diego Ramirez Pastor.

Less International Products

Usually the size of the Consum will determine the amount of products available, for instance the smaller ones may not stock as wide a choice of wines or cosmetics. Another consideration is the amount of imported or internationally recognised products available such as Bisto gravy granules, Marmite, and popular British teas like PG Tips and Tetley are not available in Consum. For these items it is best to try the small specialist type of shops that stock hard to find goods from their respective countries or there is an Iceland in Torrevieja that stocks a comprehensive selection of popular British brands and favourites.

Pleasant Environment

Consum Supermarkets are well laid out, air conditioned and provide ample shopping trolleys and smaller wheeled shopping baskets but all products are labelled in Spanish. The various departments include a meat counter, fishmonger, bakery, fresh fruit & vegetables, frozen sections, dairy section, pre-packed meats, ready meals, sweets & chocolates, soft & alcoholic drinks, dry goods, jarred and canned goods, household items, health & beauty, baby & infant and depending on the size of the supermarket, food on the go items such as pre packed sandwiches.

Handy to know if you are on a tight budget, is although there is no dedicated reduced section, Consum reduce items that are close to their sell by date and when shopping it is worth keeping your eye out for the distinctive yellow reduced labels. Most reductions will be found later in the evening and especially on Saturdays as the shop is closed on Sunday.