Mercado Central La Plasa Torrevieja

Fish or Seafood Market

The Central Market of Torrevieja goes by many names, in Spanish it is called La Plasa Mercado Central and in English it is simply referred to as the fish or seafood market. Located at Isabel II Square on the crossroad of Canonigo Torres and Jose Martinez Ruiz Azorin, it is set in an attractive new building and its ground floor houses over 40 stalls selling a wonderful range of produce, and not just fish and seafood as a lot of people are led to believe.

Fresh Produce

Upon entering the main doors there is a typical Spanish style ”Cantina” serving aromatic coffee, cold drinks, beers, snacks and light meals. The walkways and produce counters are kept immaculately clean and the sound of excited chatter at all wonderful produce on offer gives La Plasa a genuine market feel. The stalls are well presented and most of the owners have added colourful touches such as flowers, plants and herbs which gives each stall its own individual appeal. The fresh produce on offer includes an amazing variety of fish in all shapes and sizes, delicious seafood such as langostines, sea and river prawns, lobster, crab and calamari as well as many different types of shellfish. There are meat counters laden with beef, pork, lamb, venison and poultry as well as delicacies such as pigs ears and snails. The range of cured hams and sausages on display are staggering and hang from every available space. Fresh fruit & veg is on offer, either in bulk packs or individually, and the strings of garlic hanging from the ceiling look like they were picked that morning.

Some of the other fantastic items on offer include free range eggs, fresh and cooked nuts, a variety of jams, pickles, mounds of different olives, herbs and spices, cheeses, pate, olive oil, flowers and all kinds of dried, salted and pickled fish. There is even an on site open plan kitchen where visitors are treated to free cookery lessons and tastings. There is a box for donations so please be generous.