Night Market Torrevieja

Nightlife in Torrevieja is vibrant and varied with hundreds of bars, casinos, restaurants, night clubs, movie theatres, late night shopping complexes and sports centres.

International Marina

The choice of attractions and things to do, both night and day will keep visitors to the city well entertained regardless how long their stay. There are several markets in Torrevieja, and for those not keen on the more loud and boisterous night time activities, a wander around Torrevieja picturesque marina area is a pleasant way to spend an evening enjoying the cooling sea breeze.

Night Market

The promenade that runs through the marina area and along La Cura beach is home to the city’s Night Market, sometimes referred to as the craft or hippy market. Out of all Torrevieja markets, this is certainly the most laid back and doesn’t get too noisy with all the haggling and bartering that goes on at the large Friday Market. Although not very big, many visitors and locals like to spend evenings in the marina area, exploring the market stalls, strolling the promenade and enjoying a drink or meal in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area. You can’t beat Al fresco dining on a warm summer night and many visitors to the market and marina bring along a picnic basket to enjoy while watching the world go by.

Amusement park

The market itself, especially during the busy summer months has stalls selling tasty local snacks and sweet treats if a sit down meal is not what you’re looking for. The chilled out market stalls offer a selection of handcrafted leather goods, jewellery, trinkets, paintings, souvenirs, clothes and arts & crafts. Summertime also brings the amusement park which is just behind the market and has all the kids favourites like the ferris wheel, octopus, dodgem cars, slides & rides as well as the usual try your luck stalls with their badly sited air rifles and blunt darts!!